Family therapy training

Training in Systemic Family Therapy

The main objectives of the training are the development of

  • clinical competence in applying family therapy and the systemic approach in different contexts and with a wide range of problems
  • the capacity to understand and utilize relevant theoretical literature
  • the ability to reflect on, integrate and utilize personal experience
  • the ability to handle the ethical dilemmas encountered in clinical work in accordance with professional codes of ethics and practice.

Structure and duration of the training:

The main components of the training are a) theoretical teaching and development of clinical skills, b) supervised clinical practice and c) personal development.

The duration of the training is 1500 hours in 4 years. The training is divided into Introductory Course (year 1), Intermediate Course (year 2) and Advanced Clinical Course (years 3 and 4).

The training is usually structured in modules of 2 days.

Course teachers:

The training is provided by our team of trainers in collaboration with colleagues from the Systemic Family Therapy Association in Cluj and with the contribution of systemic family therapy teachers from other training institutes.


The basic conditions for participating in the training are the following:

  • basic professional training in medicine, psychology, social work or other field connected with the area of mental health
  • a work context where prospective trainees can work with clients including couples and families
  • the ability to speak, read and write in English. Some of the modules are taught in English and the recommended readings are available in English.

Maximum number of participants in a training group: 20.


Accreditation is provided through the Systemic Family Therapy Association in Cluj, an accredited member of the Romanian Federation for Psychotherapy and of the Romanian College of Psychologists.

Our training programme has been designed in accordance with the required core curriculum for family therapy training programmes established by EFTA (European Family Therapy Association). AGAPE Life Care Foundation has been a full member of EFTA - TIC (Training Institutes Chamber) since 2002.

Graduates from our advanced clinical course will be certified as psychotherapists by the Romanian Federation for Psychotherapy and recognised by the Romanian College of Psychologists and can apply for the European Certificate for Psychotherapy issued by the European Association for Psychotherapy.

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