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NEST has proven useful and effective in a wide range of mental health problems. The reasons for a person requesting professional help often is a combination of emotional problems and relational difficulties or psychosomatic complaints. The programme is recommended in case there appears to be a connection between the present difficulties and past experiences of any type of trauma, deprivation or loss.

The programme can be used in a variety of formats, including individual therapy, group therapy, couple therapy and group therapy for couples. Groups represent the most widely used therapeutic context, allowing for maximum opportunities of learning. The optimum size of the group varies between 5 and 7 members. Group sessions usually last for two and a half - three hours. Most therapists use a 30-session format with one or two sessions per week and 3 follow-up sessions.

NEST can be employed in a variety of organizational frameworks, including psychotherapy centres, retreat centres for people recovering from addictions etc. It can also be used in a residential setting as a three-week intensive therapeutic programme.

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