Nest training

Training in NEST therapy

(1) Training of NEST therapists

Duration of the training:

Minimum 4 years, minimum 700 hours. At least 450 of the minimum of 700 training hours should be trainer/trainee contact. Reading of recommended books and articles and written assignments represent an integral part of the training, but the hours spent with reading and writing do not add to the number of training hours. Written work amounts to at least 10,000 words in total.

Completion of the four-year training and having successfully conducted 5 therapeutic groups is the entry requirement to the supervisor and trainer course.

Entry requirements:

The following aspects are considered:

  • personal maturity, capacity for self-reflection and empathy, for offering and receiving constructive feedback
  • the candidate’s need for professional help for personal problems. In case such need exists, the person will first participate in a treatment group before joining the training process.
  • previous training and work experience in counselling or therapy
  • a work context that allows for the application of NEST

Components of training:

  1. personal development
  2. theory
  3. skills development
  4. supervised clinical practice

The phases of training:

I. Foundation Level: 100 hours

  • personal experience and skills development (participating in the group process and completing the essential exercises)
  • theory (the basic ideas underlying the NEST programme)

On successful completion of the foundation level the trainee is entitled to work as a facilitator.

II. Intermediate Level: 200 hours

  • theory (the basic principles underlying therapeutic practice) and skills development (100 hours)
  • experience of being a facilitator (1 group = 100 hours)

On successful completion of the intermediate level the trainee is entitled to work as a (trainee) co-therapist with supervision.

III. Advanced Level: 400 hours

  • supervised practice as a trainee therapist or co-therapist (2 groups = 200 hours)
  • supervision (one-to-one and in groups of supervisees) (100 hours)
  • participation in conferences and workshops (100 hours)

Advanced level students may work as trainee co-therapists with supervision. The amount of supervision recommended for trainees is 1 hour to 4 hours group work (25 hours supervision per group): supervisor visiting the group at least four times (12 hours) and offering at least 1 hour one-to-one supervision for each 8 hours group work (13 hours).

Trainee assessment and certification

The assessment of students and individual feedback on each trainee’s progress is continuous.

Formal assessments may take the form of essay writing, written and oral examinations. There are three formal assessments in the course of the training: at the end of the foundation level, at the end of the intermediate level (to assess competence to work with groups under supervision) and final examination at the completion of the advanced phase, conducted by an external examiner.

The following organizations participate in the certification of the successful completion of each of the three levels:

1. the training institute

2. the national NEST organization

3. NEST International.

(2) Training of NEST trainers and supervisors

Entry requirement:

  • having completed full training for NEST therapists
  • having conducted a minimum of 5 therapeutic groups with supervision

NEST therapists fulfilling these criteria may decide to train either as trainers or supervisors or both.

Components of the trainer training (320 hours):

  • theory and skills development seminars (100 hours)
  • experience as a trainer’s assistant in an introductory course (120 hours) and intermediate course (100 hours), supervised by a recognised trainer
  • reading and essay writing
  • research project

Components of the supervisor training (220 hours):

  • theory and skills development seminars (100 hours)
  • experience as a supervisor, in therapeutic groups or in the context of an introductory course, supervised by a recognised supervisor. Supervision of at least two group processes is required, amounting to at least 80 hours practice as a supervisor (sitting in the group as a supervisor, one-to-one or group supervision of therapists). The trainee supervisor’s work is supervised “live” (trainee supervisor and supervisor sitting in the group), or retrospectively, trainer of supervisors meeting trainee supervisors in a one-to one or group setting (40 hours).
  • reading and essay writing.

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